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Do I Need Business Insurance?

Running a small business such as a HVAC/air conditioning service, landscaping, barber/hair stylist, etc? It is more important than you might think to have insurance for your business. Here are a few reasons we encourage you to carry business insurance:

Protect yourself from lawsuits.

No matter how great your clients are, you never know what could happen. For a small business owner, the legal fees from a lawsuit could be enough to put you out of business.

Equipment Protection

Do you use any equipment for your operation? Maybe you have a lawn mower, a small bobcat, or a work truck to smoothly run your business. Your personal insurance may not cover damages or theft of these items.

Your employees and you

Employee dishonesty and theft can occur and can cripple a business without proper coverage.


If you ever want to expand your business and need a loan, having sound business insurance will make that a whole lot easier.

Every small business is different, which is why we believe is creating the best insurance plan for your needs. You are already running a business; let us deal with the insurance side of it so that you get the peace of mind you deserve!

Get a quote today!

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