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How Can I Lower My Homeowners Insurance?

If you own a home and it is financed, there is no getting around paying for your homeowner’s insurance (and for good reason). However, there are a few things that you can do that may help lower your home insurance premiums!

Here are 5 ways to reduce your payments:

Increase Your Deductible

The more risk you take upon yourself, the lower your insurance premiums will be. If you are going to lower your deductible, consider raising it by at least $500 to $1,000 and you could see your premiums be reduced by up to 25%.

Bundle Your Home & Auto Policies

If you buy both your homeowner’s insurance and your auto insurance from the same company (bundle), you can often save between 15-30%.

Improve Your Home Security

The amount of risk the insurance company is taking on plays a factor in the premium costs. The solution: eliminate some of that risk! Some companies will give you discounts for taking additional security measures. Examples of this could be; smoke detectors/fire extinguishers, water detection devices, and security alarms.

Improve Your Insurance Credit Score

Your insurance credit score is one of the many factors that goes into deciding your premium. Some ways you can go about improving your insurance credit score are paying your bills on time or even ahead; companies give favorable rates for paying bills ahead of schedule, don't open too many store credit cards, and keep your balances low. Your FICA score for credit is one of the many ratings that go into your insurance credit score.

Shop Around For The Best Policy

You could be paying more than you need to; based on the company that your policy was written with. Shop around! Luckily, we are here to do that for you. We represent the best companies in the business and can compare different policies to make sure that you are getting the best coverage for the best price.

If you are paying too much for your home insurance and want to see your options, give us a call!

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