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Heavy Rain Could Mean Heavy Damage

April showers bring May flowers, and sometimes basement flooding. Rainstorms are inevitable in the Spring, especially in Ohio. It is always import to keep in mind the potential impact the weather can have on your home.

Where to look for signs of storm damage?

One of the main things that you have to defend you home against a heavy downpour is your roof and gutters. It is not uncommon for a limb to fall, hail to hit, or wind to damage your roof. Make sure you keep an eye on the physical appearance, looking for missing shingles or damage. This could cause leaks coming from the ceiling or moisture in your attic, which may be less obvious. Just looking up is not enough, be aware of your basement and crawl spaces that could have flooding from sump pump malfunctions or foundation cracks.

What to do if there is storm damage?

If you do find signs that there has been damage due to a storm, call your insurance representative at Bellbrook Insurance. We know what to do and can instruct you from there. We will file a claim if deemed necessary and help you get out the best professionals to take care of the existing issue. The best defense against future damage is fixing the problems at hand so they don’t happen again.

Give us a call to review your current plan to make sure you are covered if storm damage were to affect your home!

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